19 9 / 2011

Today we were pleased to welcome Mike Zamsky ‘96 of the Capital One Strategy Group back to the Yale campus. Mike gave a great talk titled Recession or Depression?: Perspectives on the State of the U.S. Economy, parallels to the Great Depression, and lessons learned from inside the Banking Industry. Smart Woman Securities co-sponsored the talk along with Yale Entrepreneurial Society, Women’s Leadership Initiative, Yale Business Society, and Yale Economics Review.

Mike is Chief Consumer Credit Risk Officer at Capital One. After graduating from Yale College in 1996, Mike joined Capital One, where he held a variety of P&L management, Operations, and Marketing roles before becoming Chief Credit Officer in 2006. He has successfully managed the credit risk of a $100 billion loan portfolio through the Great Recession, thus making his perspectives especially interesting and relevant.



For more information on Capital One and the Strategy Group, please see below:

Capital One Financial is a strategically bold, top-ten bank challenging the status quo in financial services. One of the fastest companies ever to reach the Fortune 200, Capital One catapulted from a monoline credit card issuer to one of the nation’s ten largest banks in just a few years. Today, Capital One offers a broad array of financial products and services – including credit cards, auto and home loans, and banking products – to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients. The bank has been viewed as a pioneer in new product development, pricing, risk management, and marketing strategies, and is well positioned to seize opportunities created by today’s markets.

Within Capital One, the Corporate Strategy Group reports directly to the CEO and engages only on the highest impact cases, including new product development, new business ventures, and acquisitions. The team is considered a “firm within a firm” and is made up of approximately 25 professionals. The group operates and compensates like other top-tier consulting firms with offices in Boston, Washington D.C., New York City, and Richmond, and only recruits from top undergraduate programs and management consulting firms.

Representatives from Capital One’s Corporate Strategy Group will be on campus throughout the fall supporting their recruitment efforts for Strategy Analysts. Interested candidates will find resume submission information and deadlines on Yale’s eRecruiting system, accessible through the Yale Career Development Center.

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